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Completed Cross Stitch Patterns Gallery - Page 6

We have a Gallery Rewards Program for any customer that sends through a picture of their completed cross stitch pattern for a design which is not already in the gallery. Please see our Gallery Rewards Program page for full terms and conditions.

Thank you to everyone for your support and for the feedback, it is appreciated. Newest completed patterns images are displayed at the top of this page.

Please note: As well as our Artecy Cross Stitch Facebook Page, we now also have an Artecy Cross Stitch Facebook Group. This is a place for anyone who loves Artecy Cross Stitch designs to display their finished works or WIP's and to get get advice and encouragement from fellow stitchers, so you will also find more completed works here https://www.facebook.com/groups/artecy/ 

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At the Beach
 (Paintings - Children Category)
Completed by Arina from Russia

Tropical Flowers
 (Flowers Category)
Completed by G Henderson, USA 
Tulips in a Vase
 (Flowers Category)
Completed by J Hart
 from England

Wolf 2 (Wild Animals Category)
Completed by D Wallis

Red Rose 1
 (Flowers Category)
Completed by I Schotting
 from The Netherlands

Chinese Motif
 (Asian Category)
Completed by I Schotting
 from The Netherlands

Blue Eyes
 (Cat Category)
Completed by I Schotting
 from The Netherlands

Virgin in Prayer
 (Spiritual Category)
Completed by
C Escobar

 (Flowers Category)
Completed by Lucie from France
using one thread on one with lugana fabric.

Lucky Cat Left
 (Asian Category)
Completed by I Schotting
 from The Netherlands

Lucky Cat Right
 (Asian Category)
Completed by I Schotting
 from The Netherlands

 Still life of Oranges and Lemons
 (Fruit Category)
Completed by N Tolstobrova from Ukraine

 (Flowers Category)
Completed by A Gray

 Baby Boy Card
 (Cross Stitch Cards Category)
Completed by C Lowndes

 Wolf 2 (Wild Animals Category)
Completed by L Arp

Mother and Child
(Paintings - Children Category)

 completed by D DeSilva

Asian Motif (Asian Symbols Category)
 completed using perforated paper by M Finn

Celtic Bookmark (Bookmarks Category)
using beads by
D Dick

US Army Seal
(From Miscellaneous Category)

 completed by D Wallis

A Mermaid
(From Fantasy Category)

 completed by M Gates

Mini John Wayne
(From Mini Stitch - People Category)

 completed by
R Hurd

Mini Laurel and Hardy
(From Mini Stitch - People Category)

 completed by
R Hurd

Mini Car on the Beach
(From Mini Stitch -
Miscellaneous Category)
This pattern was altered and enlarged from original design.

 Completed by H Siboro

Calla Lilies
(From Flowers Category)
completed by A Gray

Victorian Cutie
(From Victorian General Category)

 completed by A Gray

Mini Basset Hound
(From Mini Stitch -
Animals Category)
This pattern was altered with shading added around and under puppy.
Completed by H Siboro

From Transport
) completed
Celtic Pattern 1 - Completed using beads
(From Celtic Category)
completed by M Lee

Halloween Witch
From Halloween
) completed
 by S Busbee

Tulips by Redoute (From Flowers
) completed by G Henderson from USA. Stitched
on a quilt to be raffled off for the Australian Fire Fighters

Forest Scene by Thomas Moran
From Paintings - Places
) completed
 by Krystyna from Poland
Moon Shadow by Gail Gastfield
(Can be found on our other website www.artecyshop.com)

completed by Krystyna from Poland

St Louis Cathedral New Orleans (From Landmarks Category) completed by T Juarez
Alert by Harrison Fisher
(From Victorian Ladies Category)
 by Krystyna from Poland

Australian Tablecloth (Created using some of my small Australian patterns) completed by B Hillary

Antique Print Venice (From Antique Prints Category) completed by L Beasley

Lucky the Cat (From Cats Category) completed by Loyd Arp

Pink Frangipani Card
(From Cross Stitch Cards)
completed by Leonie from Australia

(From Dog Category)
completed by
I Schotting

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