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                   Why Choose us?

Have you ever tried to make a cross stitch pattern from your own images in a cross stitch software program?

If you have, you would realise that just taking an image and putting it straight in the software does not make a perfect pattern. No matter how good the software is, it always takes a human touch to correct colour errors and improve the look of the pattern.

In the examples on the right you can see the first image is created from just putting the image straight into the software and the second image shows you how much work we put into the patterns, not only to make them look good but also so they are easier to stitch.

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Many hours go into making each pattern, we do a lot of work on each image in various photo editing programs before it is put into the cross stitch software, then we go through each pattern and eliminate colours which do not belong and adjust colours for hair, skin etc

Sometimes for faces, we may have to totally redesign areas such as eyes, lips etc 

We also go through and reduce colours as much as possible and reduce scattered one-off confetti stitches.

We do not just create large photo realistic designs, we try to cater for all customers tastes and skill level. From our Bookmarks, Mini, One and Few Colour designs, right up to our very large patterns, there is something on the website to suit everyone.

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At Artecy, we never display the original image on our website. We always display the image created from our cross stitch software so you know what the pattern will turn out like.

After all, you spend a lot of time and money stitching these patterns so you want to know they will turn out well. If you would like to see some of our finished designs stitched up, be sure to visit our completed gallery. If you have stitched any of our designs and you would like to submit your image for the gallery, we would be very grateful and would so appreciate it, please email the image to artecy@artecy.com

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I am Tereena Clarke, the owner of Artecy. I design all of the patterns and website. I  have been designing cross stitch patterns for 15 years and in that time my skills as a designer and my software have improved a lot.

I have recently removed around 450 very old patterns from single sale from the Artecy website (they are still in the members area) and I will be redoing them as new patterns, they were made with our old software which we stopped using in 2005. Here are a few patterns I have redone so far.

You can see there is a big difference from the patterns created 15 years ago to the patterns I create today. The first 5 years our patterns were created in different software. All of the patterns on the Artecy Shop today were made with the new software. The old patterns are no longer available for sale.

Everyone has to start somewhere with their designing experience though, so if you do try to make your own patterns my advice is to not give up.

Recently in 2012 my graphic artist Husband has also started to design patterns with my guidance and he is producing fantastic patterns. So it is truly a family business now.

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At Artecy, we figure we must be doing something right, we have thousands of happy members and customers since we went online in 2000.

We continually receive positive feedback from customers in emails and through our Facebook fan page.


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For the rare few complaints we have received over the years we deal with these quickly and efficiently, these have usually been related to colour issues with our very old patterns which we are now redoing.

If you have a problem with our service or patterns please do not hesitate to let us know, we cannot improve if we are unaware of the problem.

We try to answer all emails within 48 hours so if you do not receive a reply please contact us again. Occasionally, spam blockers stop legitimate emails getting through and one of our pet peeves is companies who do not reply to emails. 

What do our Artecy Cross Stitch patterns look like?
We provide counted cross stitch patterns with easy to read black and white symbols as these are more popular. We do not provide printed patterns with coloured symbols to save on ink costs, however we can offer coloured pdf files, see the message below. Our patterns vary from 1 page for our small patterns up to around 20 or more pages for our larger designs. The patterns are designed to print on home printers, so our large patterns will have the design spread out over several pages. It is impossible to put these large designs on one page as the symbols would be unreadable. For our larger patterns we suggest to stitch one page at a time.

Each pattern comes with

  • A colour image of the completed design,

  • Instructions for putting your pattern together and completing it,

  • The black and white symbol chart,

  • A list to show you which DMC cotton colour to use with each symbol,

  • and a usage summary page to show you how much cotton is needed for each colour.

If you would like to sample our patterns first to see how they print you are welcome to download our free cross stitch patterns.

So to summarize why you should choose to buy cross stitch patterns from Artecy?

  • We have 15 years Cross Stitch designing experience. All images we use are fully licensed for commerical use.

  • We pay attention to details and go through each pattern to improve colours and to make the pattern easier to stitch.

  • We have clear, easy to read patterns which you can print easily at home to start stitching straight away.

  • We constantly add new patterns every two weeks.

  • We display the cross stitch image NOT the original photo on our website.

  • We have a loyal following of happy customers, some have been with us from the very beginning, thank you so much for all your support.

  • We truly care about providing good customer service.

  • We offer two ways to receive your patterns to suit your circumstances you can go to the Artecy Shop and buy patterns individually to download online to print yourself,  or for the higher payment option we can print and post the pattern to you.

  • We create our large designs at a size that is easier, quicker and more affordable to stitch and frame, whilst still retaining great detail in the images. If you would like any design on the website to be designed at a larger size please email the name of the pattern to artecy@artecy.com and we will add it to a list and the larger version will be added to the website as soon as possible. We will email you to let you know when it is online. If you look on the Artecy Shop website under the Large Cross Stitch charts, these were all patterns that were requested at a larger size, we generally make them to around double the size, or a bit less, we determine the size that works best for each image.
    Some customers also request certain patterns in a mini or bookmark size. Some of our designs do not convert well to such a small size and some images are only licensed for the larger patterns so unfortunately we may not be able to offer small sizes for these. Feel free to email the names of patterns you want in a mini or bookmark size and we will let you know if this is possible.
  • If you purchase a pdf version of a pattern from our Artecy Shop and once you download it you would like even larger symbols or a colour version, we can email a copy through with no problems. Either at purchase put in the comments section "Please email a copy with larger symbols/ colour pattern."or you can email us at artecy@artecy.com after purchase to request this. This would not be available for our printed and posted patterns as colour printing is too expensive. Also only available if you purchase the pdf file directly from our own Artecy Shop website so we can verify your purchase.
  • For printed patterns, we offer free postage for orders over $100US (except for when we have a sale on the website)

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