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Testimonials - Page 1

Below is just a small selection of wonderful messages we have received from our customers over the past 10 years.


  • I am very glad that I am a permanent member of your site. It gives me great pleasure to embroider according to your patterns. Your design is impressive! The patterns are so gorgeous, without any problems, and the result of embroidery is simply marvelous. Thank you so much for your great work. Always looking forward to see new updates. Natalie Russia.
  • I have been on a lot of sites and order a lot of catalogs but have found nothing that has your depth and versatility. I enjoy your site very much and can't wait to see what comes out each time. Please keep up the good work. Jaime, USA
  •  I just discovered your web site and am truly amazed! It is beautiful! I cant believe all of the patterns you have. I have at least 60 cross stitch sites in my favorites and nothing compares to yours. Jackie, USA
  • Got to say this is one membership that I've never regretting getting myself into. Your site, as I've told you before, is absolutely wonderful and I now have a major backlog of designs to stitch. Maria, USA
  • I just love all of your patterns. I may go blind trying to make them all. Thanks for having this site. Keep up the good work, no, great work. Jean, USA
  • WOW. Thanks for the speedy response. I love your site and beautiful designs and must say how happy I am with the service. Kasey, USA
  • Ever since I found out that you were Australian, I've been passing the website around to all my friends. Good on you! It is great to see an Aussie creating such a great website. Linda, Australia
  • I'm really enjoying just searching the site and admiring the wonderful work being done for us members. Gillian, England
  • Before anything else, let me commend you on your very impressive web site. I have been browsing the internet in my quest to find cross-stitch patterns that will catch my fancy for quite sometimes now due to my passion, and by far your web site seems to be one of the best if not the best that I’ve stumbled upon so far. Cenen, Saudi Arabia
  • What a fantastic selection of patterns I simply adore the Victorian ladies I would love to see lot's more of those, this is a brilliant site. Susan, UK
  • I have just become a member of your website and would just like to say how brilliant it is!! In the UK we don't have many websites that contain more 'classical' inspired designs, usually they are more like Disney and cuddly animals etc! I found your site through 'Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine' and I'm glad I did. Usually these types of design are only in kit form, and usually very expensive! As I like to buy threads and fabric separately and then find the design, your site is perfect. Gary, UK
  • Your website is a treasure! I would need 3 lifetimes to stitch just my favorites! Thank you for providing such quality and variety for a very reasonable price. Loretta, USA
  • Wonderful. Thank you. Your site inspired me to begin cross stitch again after years of boredom with the available patterns. Surrean, USA
  • I really enjoy the patterns on your website and want to thank you for all the hard work you do. I especially like the ones with the tigers in the animal section. There are so many beautiful ones that I doubt I'll ever be able to complete even half of them. Mary, USA
  • I’d just like to say thanks for all the wonderful patterns you offer – my biggest problem is which to stitch next (I love them all). Carol , New Zealand
  • I am a new member, I would like to express how much I am enjoying being a member. I do hope you continue to do a fantastic job of giving such a variety of prints to print. Donna, USA
  • I just became a member of your web site. I am very impressed with the patterns offered there as well as the affordability of the membership. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciated the hard work that goes into making these patterns. Crystal, USA
  • I am appreciative to the way you do your business, and I also appreciate the work that you do; the graphs are beautiful and I have had a chance to make a few that have been totally gorgeous. I also wanted to thank you for putting in the photo-quality graphs; they, too, are so beautiful and I will be looking forward to making some soon. Susan, USA
  • My sister and I have two separate memberships. We appreciate your hard work and email each other to talk about your beautiful patterns. Della, USA
  • I'm wanting to let you know that you do great work. I can only imagine how much work it takes to put all the pictures into patterns and for such a reasonable cost too! Other websites, including Canadian ones are charging $25 per pattern and there's another Canadian one who is charging $28 US!! Please keep up the good work, because I appreciate it:) Mina, Canada
  • I look forward to a long association with Artecy and believe it to be the best value of all cross stitch sites that I have visited. Keep up the great work – looking forward to more wonderful charts in the future. Jean, Australia


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