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Gallery Rewards Program

Our customers love seeing our designs completed and so do we. Thank you so much to everyone over the past years who have sent through pictures of their completed designs. We appreciate it so much and we now have a new Gallery Rewards Program as our thank you for supporting our business.

For the first person who sends in a completed pattern of one of our designs, which is not already in the gallery you will receive a free pattern of your choice of the same pdf value, so if it is one of our small $4.95US designs you can choose a free small $4.95 design etc. You can choose to receive a gift voucher for the Artecy Shop instead of a free pattern.

Program Terms and Conditions

-  The completed image must be for a design that is not already in the gallery, the only exceptions to this is if we currently have an image that is dark or not very clear and you have a brighter, clearer
   image, or a stitcher has used non DMC cottons or a combination and you have used full DMC colours, or they made major changes to a design but you have stitched the pattern exactly as it is etc.
   You can email a copy through and we will let you know if it is accepted.

-  The pattern you have stitched and are sending the image through for must still currently be available for sale on our www.artecyshop.com website. We do not pay rewards for free patterns.

-  The image must be well lit and as clear as possible to give a really good view of the completed design. (If the picure is really not clear enough to use we will advise you to give you the chance
   to send a better image through)

-  The image submitted must be stitched exactly in full as per the pattern as it is a representation for everyone of how the design will look once completed, therefore unfortunately we cannot accept images in the rewards
   program that use substituted colours other than DMC or that have major colour changes or adjustments from the original design. Also for designs which have several motifs we would need to see all the motifs in the
   pattern stitched to claim a free pattern. You are still welcome to send these images through of adjusted patterns for the gallery if you like, however you will not be able to claim the free pattern. Please advise when you
   send the image through of the adjustments made so we can make a note in the gallery for others.

-  You agree that by posting the image we can display it in our completed gallery on our www.artecy.com website and also in our Artecy Shop on the page where
the design
   can be purchased. Full credit will be given to you as the stitcher and your image will not be displayed on social media or anywhere else without your permission.

-  Free patterns selected will be sent through as PDF files only, we will not be able to print and post the free patterns out unfortunately. We do allow you to put the pdf file on a usb stick to
   take to somewhere that you can print the pattern from if needed. Please do not email copies of the patterns to others as this is against our copyright. You can request a copy of the pattern with larger
   symbols or a coloured version as well as per our normal pdf pattern adjustment service.

Feel free to either email your images through to artecy@artecy.com or post them in our facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/artecy/

We will then check to see if the image meets our programs terms and conditions and we will advise you either way. If your image is accepted we will let you know how to claim your free pattern.

For all customers who have previously sent an image through for our gallery please email the name of the pattern and what page of the completed gallery your image is on to artecy@artecy.com and we will confirm your image with you and let you know how to claim your free pattern.

If we already have an acceptable image in our gallery for a design you are stitching you will not be entitled to the free pattern but please feel free to email your completed image for the gallery anyway, we would love to see it and display your work for all customers to see.

**We reserve the right to decline any gallery reward claim if we believe the stitched item has been stitched from a stolen pattern or if we believe the image is not your own, we may ask for proof of payment before paying the reward, and if no proof of payment supplied, we can decline your claim to the gallery reward***

Thanks and Best Wishes
Tereena Clarke
Artecy Cross Stitch

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