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Forgotten Logon or need a new logon since the server change?

7th of November 2015 : Members please note, after the server change we need to reset your passwords!!!

On the 7th of November 2015 after the members area was down for a month, we are finally back up and running, on a new server with a new company. We sincerly apologise for the downtime.
One of the problems was the new company was trying to get all the members logon details from the old company so we would not have to enter all of the thousands of them in again. Unfortunately they just would not comply.

As it turns out the new company has stricter rules for the length of passwords anyway so most of the old passwords would not have worked.

In 2011 since the membership area was essentially closed we now get very few members visiting the members area. It is mostly members who did not realize about the change or members who have lost patterns or pages  and need to print another copy. This is the main reason we still have the members area online. Most members by now though have all the members patterns they like and will not ever need to logon again.

Therefore it makes no sense to add all of the thousands of passwords in, and to change the length of passwords and to try to contact members to let them know, even though their emails could likely have changed by now.

So instead for anyone who was a paid permanent member if you would still like to access the members area if you can please contact us at so we can confirm your membership payment and set you up with a new username and password

In your email if you can please include the full name you used to make your membership payment in Paypal and if you remember the username or password you did use as this will help us to locate your membership payment. 

You must have paid a membership payment to gain access to the patterns and to get a username and password. Membership was not free.

We have two websites now. which you are on, is our old membership website and is where you can buy our patterns as single patterns. You cannot use your logon from the Artecy Shop to logon here and vice versa, these are two separate websites with two separate logon details.

We apologise for any inconvenience once we confirm your membership payment, we will email new logon details to you asap.

Once you are in the members area, if you have any problems downloading any patterns please do not hesitate to contact me at 

Thanks and Best Wishes

Tereena Clarke

Artecy Cross Stitch

NEW!!  Artecy Cross Stitch has another new website for the fantastic new craft of Pixelhobby We can convert most of our cross stitch patterns over to Pixelhobby format, best of all it takes you much less time to complete Pixelhobby than cross stitch and there is no counting, or threading needles involved. Click on the banner above to see what it's all about.

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