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16th of August 2020

Please note, due to the high costs of sending out our newsletter each month and with many emails being rejected or not even opened we have decided at this time to cancel our newsletter service.

We definitely need to revamp and modernize our newsletter as well, so we will be looking into a new provider and at some stage and we will ask everyone who is interested then to sign up again to the new newsletter and we will post a message here whenever it is ready, but it may be 2021 before we open the new newsletter.

The newsletter was just a reminder to let you know when we release new patterns. If you have not been to the website in awhile and would like to see the latest releases the best way is to go to our all products page here https://www.artecyshop.com/index.php?main_page=products_all and this is sorted from our oldest patterns to our newer patterns so our newest patterns will appear first.

We release patterns around the 15th of every month and the two free patterns we release each month stay on our website for one month only to download here http://www.artecy.com/free.html

Sorry for any inconvenience. To stay up to date on notifications of new patterns we also have a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ArtecyCrossStitch/

Sorry for any inconvenience.

All the Best

Artecy Cross Stitch


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