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Copyright and Use of Patterns

As the designer of all of the patterns on this website and our Artecy Shop website, Artecy Cross Stitch holds the copyright to these patterns. By purchasing or downloading free patterns from our website for your personal use you agree to follow the usage rules as below. Thank you to our many customers out there who help advise us of people abusing these rules.

If you are caught abusing our copyrights do not expect us to be very happy about it and legal proceedings can occur. Not understanding these rules is not an excuse, if you do not understand please email us.

The main thing you need to know is that electronic patterns can easily be shared and misused over the internet. For every pattern that is passed for free to another person that is a missed sale for the designer. We work many late hours to bring these patterns to you. You would not steal from a shop, do not steal from us.

If you have a pattern you bought at a shop you only have one copy and it is fine for you to give that pattern to someone else, you give it away and you do not have a copy. It is against copyright though for you to photocopy that pattern and give someone a copy and keep a copy for yourself.

With our PDF patterns you are getting electronic PDF files, you cannot pass these files to others and you cannot print a copy for someone else, or print your copy and pass it on as you still have access to the original pattern file, it is the same as photocopying it for someone else. The PDF versions of our patterns are for your personal use only.

The only pattern sharing that should be going on is if you purchase a printed pattern from a shop and you post in a forum to see if anyone is interested in it and the you mail the original pattern to the person and you do not keep a copy for yourself. Even if someone says they printed one of our patterns and then deleted the PDF file this would not be ok as it is easy to download the file again.

Things you cannot do with our cross stitch patterns:
- You cannot if you are a member provide your username or password for others to use.
- You cannot post our patterns on any forum or website for others to download, wether for profit or not.
- You cannot print out or email patterns for others wether for profit or not.
- You may not upload our patterns to any internet forums or groups or any other website.
- You cannot offer the pdf patterns as as a trade or swap to others. If you have purchased a printed pattern that was posted to you from us or one which was purchased at a shop or one of our retailers, this would be ok, so long as it is the original pattern.
- You cannot save patterns on your hard drive, burn CD's of the patterns and then offer the CD's to others wether for profit or not.
- You cannot sell our pdf printed patterns on ebay or anywhere else.
If you have purchased a printed pattern that was posted to you from us or one which was purchased at a shop or one of our retailers, this would be ok, so long as it is the original pattern. 
- You cannot copy our old CD's to pass onto others whether for profit or not.
- You cannot alter or claim our patterns as your own creations.
- You cannot post messages in any forums or on websites offering to pass our pdf patterns, or patterns printed from our pdf files, onto others whether for profit or not.
- You cannot mass produce the patterns as stitched items for sale. They are for hand cross stitching only You cannot use our patterns for machine embroidery and mass produce items for sale. If you intend to sell more than 100 completed works using the one pattern you will need to contact me for licencing rights.

(Any member who is found distributing our pdf patterns for profit or passing on their usernames and passwords will have their membership cancelled without refund. They will also be banned from the website and can face legal action from me for copyright infringement.)

What you can do legally with my patterns:-
- You may photocopy the pattern at a larger size if required, for your personal use only.
- You can complete our cross stitch patterns and sell the completed hand stitched item.
- You can of course give your completed hand stitched item as gifts for non profit to anyone.
- You can save patterns on your hard drive and burn CD's of the patterns for your own personal use only, for safe keeping.
- If there is more than one stitcher in the same house it is ok for the membership or purchased patterns to be used in one household for e.g Mother and Daughter, however you cannot pass the pdf patterns to other friends or family members which do not live in the same house as you, they will need to purchase a membership or their own patterns.

- You can sell, trade or give away only our printed orignal patterns to others, so long as you have not kept any copy of this pattern for yourself. This only applies if you have purchased a physically printed pattern that was posted to you from us or one which was purchased at a shop, or one of our online retailers. PDF patterns are for personal use ONLY. You cannot pass these files or prints from these files to others wether for profit or not.

These rules can be changed at anytime at the discretion of the Designer should the need arise.


NEW!!  Artecy Cross Stitch has another new website for the fantastic new craft of Pixelhobby We can convert most of our cross stitch patterns over to Pixelhobby format, best of all it takes you much less time to complete Pixelhobby than cross stitch and there is no counting, or threading needles involved. Click on the banner above to see what it's all about.


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