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Artecy Cross Stitch Membership


Please note: After 10 years of offering a very large number of patterns for a very little price, now our patterns will be going into stores for sale, it is time for Artecy to go in a different direction. We used to offer our patterns for single sale or our bulk pattern membership. From 2011 we are no longer offering our bulk pattern membership offer, we will be selling our patterns only as single patterns. As from April 2012 we also had to stop designing new patterns for members due to rampant copyright infringement of some members and its impact on our business. So we effectively are no longer running the membership website, however we are keeping the old membership area available to members who may not be aware of the changes so they are able to download the patterns they are after.

Current members who joined before 2011 will still be able to download old members patterns. If you have purchased a membership you can logon with the username and password we provided to you, just click on membership log on in the top right hand corner. You must have purchased a membership to logon, membership was not free.

Our members patterns were created from photographs, old artworks and some images we purchased to use. We also had a separate website called Crafts Cross Stitch. This website was for our designs which were licensed from modern artist and photographers, these patterns were never in the members area as we pay artists and photographers royalties for each pattern sold. Once we opened the Artecy Shop we shut down the Crafts Cross Stitch website and transferred these patterns over to our shop in the Artecy Shop Exclusive section.

We have seen some members incorrectly call our membership a lifetime membership, please note we have never sold a lifetime membership plan. It was either a yearly, 2 yearly or permanent membership you will see this on your payment receipt from Paypal. If you would like to see a copy of this please email us and we would be happy to provide one to you. Our description for our permanent membership plan was also stated on the website on the page you purchased your membership from, it said: " A Permanent membership means as long as the website is running you will remain a member. No more to pay for members patterns, ever. No renewal fees, or per year fees." We are keeping the members area open in respect to members so they can continue to download old members patterns. Our new website is our Artecy Shop. This is where we now only sell our charts either as pdf files or printed and posted charts. Members can logon to the members area and go to the members new patterns page for a full desciption of the changes. Thank you to all our members for all of your support over the years and for your lovely feedback and understanding with this decision.

All of our patterns are now available to purchase at our Artecy Shop or we do have a list of retailers where our patterns are available, If you would like to see the patterns we have available to buy you can look at the categories on the left, we have a gallery of patterns and links to where you can buy each pattern at the Artecy Shop or you can head straight over to the Artecy Shop to Browse and this website also has a search field if you are searching for something specific.

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