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Below in each category you will find our patterns
in easy to browse galleries.  If you are looking for a 
particular pattern name or subject it would be best to
go to our Artecy Shop and use the search field at the
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William Morris

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                           Artecy Shop

We have set up a website called the Artecy Cross Stitch Shop, to offer all of our patterns for sale. We also have a range of patterns to choose from which are only on the Artecy Shop website and are not included in our old Artecy Permanent Membership offer. These are our Artecy Shop Exclusive Patterns and Kustom Krafts patterns.

Our patterns are $4.95 for our small patterns and $9.95 for our large patterns as a download for you to print or we can print and post the patterns to you. Printed and posted patterns are either $7.95 or $15.95.

If you are an Artecy Cross Stitch Member please do not buy any patterns in the Artecy Shop with a black frame around the image as these are all here in the membership area for you to download. Permanent Members get a discount on Artecy Shop Exclusive patterns.

Please visit the Artecy Shop at www.artecyshop.com


Below are some examples of our Artecy Shop Exclusive Cross Stitch Patterns




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